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” Come Dio comanda”, il mio ultimo cortometraggio,  é semi finalista all’ Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2017!

Inoltre ha ricevuto un’ eccellente recensione da parte del Be Epic London International Film Festival. Eccone un estratto:

“As God Commands by director Marta Gervasutti is truly unique and attractive in terms of

cinematic idea and screenplay. There is a certain amount of wit in the dialogue and the whole project is

shrouded in its satirical condition.

The short is interestingly very entertaining as it follows a very delicate and somewhat serious

subject relatable to almost everyone in the world, dealing with fundamental question that haunt each and

every one of us regarding God, his role in our lives and ultimately the world. It displays layers of profound

substance that could potentially lift the film to a social value which should be the aim of any piece of


Whilst the visual aspect is well solid, such as the clarity of the image and the colour grading the

main setback which contributes to any reserves regarding the short lay in the television sketch quality of

the project.

The idea rendered though the narrative is expressing very high levels of potential, almost

reaching heights of philosophical nature, especially the ending which is displaying a profound message,

relevant, meaningful and full of heart. The casting is very well suited and the actors are all conveying their

truly monumental characters with a human simplicity and rationality that enhances the valuable satirical

element, vital to the current atmosphere of the film.

The choice to have music only at the end we found it was very suited and efficient for the current

form of the short and the technical elements of the sound were dealt with to a good standard”.

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regista, sceneggiatrice e casting director

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